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Interactive ISS Visiting Vehicle Illustration Tool

Since starting HistoricSpacecraft.com, I have fulfilled a great many art use requests for space related magazines, websites, and other publications. One illustration in particular, a diagram showing six spacecraft docked to the ISS in 2011, has received a lot of interest. The artwork appeared in several magazines, scientific papers, and museum displays (Including an exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum). I have also learned that versions of the artwork are being used in documents at NASA.

I decided to create a simple web app that allows users to easily create similar diagrams reflecting different arrangements of spacecraft at the space station. A link to the app is now included in the left-side navigation menu as "ISS Vehicles" under "Interactive Features".


The following sample illustrations were created using the app.

Space Station Visiting Vehicles
Sample visiting vehicles graphic.
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Space Station Visiting Vehicles
Sample visiting vehicles graphic.
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Space Station Visiting Vehicles
Sample visiting vehicles graphic.
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Posted 5 Sept 2016

Titan Rocket Posters Available for Sale

I've had many requests over the years to make more of my artwork available for purchase in poster format. I recently added a Titan rockets poster to the Historic Spacecraft Store at CafePress. The poster includes 15 Titan missiles and space launchers and is available in three styles, a poster, a framed print, and a banner.

Titan rockets poster for sale. Titan rockets framed print for sale. Titan rockets banner for sale.

Posted 12 Aug 2016

Chinese Long March 6 and 7 Rockets Added

Illustration of Chinese rockets.
Chinese Rockets
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China is in the process of modernizing much of its space-launcher capabilities. The new rockets being designed and introduced are more environmentally friendly than previous versions. While existing Chinese launchers generally used toxic hypergolic propellents, the new designs use kerosene or hydrogen as fuel for the first and second stages.

Three new families of rockets are currently being introduced. The CZ-6 small payload launcher first flew in 2015, the CZ-7 medium lift rocket flew in June of this year, and the CZ-5 heavy lift rocket is scheduled to fly later this year.

The Chinese Long March rockets graphic has been updated to include Long March 6 and 7. I have also added entries for the new rockets on the Chinese rockets page.

Chinese CZ-6 rocket illustration Chinese CZ-7 rocket illustration

Posted 3 July 2016

SpaceX Rocket Illustrations Updated

I've updated many of the Falcon rocket graphics on the SpaceX rockets page.

Falcon 1 illustration Falcon 9 illustration Falcon 9 version 1.1 illustration Falcon 9 1.1 with Dragon illustration Falcon 9 FT with payload fairing Falcon 9 FT with Dragon illustration 1.8 Meter Human Figure Falcon 9 Grasshopper test vehicle Falcon 9R test vehicle Recovered Falcon 9 FT artwork

Falcon 9 First Stage Landing Tests.
First Stage Recovery Tests
Left to right, Grasshopper, Falcon 9R, Falcon 9FT launch configuration and after recovery.
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SpaceX Rocket Landing Test Vehicles

I've added a graphic to the SpaceX rockets page showing Grasshopper, Falcon 9R and Falcon 9FT rockets.

Posted 19 June 2016

ISS Visiting Vehicle Graphics

Comparison of several ISS supply vehicles.
Comparison of ISS Crew and Cargo Vehicles
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Space Station Visiting Vehicles
Visiting Vehicles at the ISS on 10 April 2016.
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I have added two new graphics. One showing the current configuration of visiting vehicles at the International Space Station, and another that shows ISS crew and cargo vehicles.

Posted 10 April 2016

About Historic Spacecraft

I started Historic Spacecraft in 2006. The initial goal was to host several hundred photos of space hardware from my collection. I later started to create illustrations for many spacecraft and rockets. Hopefully, this website will provide a valuable resource to space modelers and space exploration historians.

Historic Spacecraft currently has around 7,500 visitors per month. As of January 2014, the website includes over 1500 photographs and over 500 original illustrations.

I have an online store at CafePress. Sales from the products help support this website. If you think this website is worthwhile, consider making a small contribution via Paypal. All help is greatly appreciated!

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