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Recent updates include entries for the Japanese Epsilon rocket , the SpaceX Falcon 9 version 1.1 rocket, the LADEE Lunar orbiter, and the MAVEN Mars orbiter.

Space X Falcon 9 version 1.1 illustration

Falcon 9 v1.1

First flown in September, 2013, The Falcon 9 version 1.1 featured significantly improved performance over the previously flown versions. Upgrades included lengthened propellant tanks, upgraded engines, and a new thrust structure

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches
1 4 Jun 2010 CCAFS SLC-40 1.0---Test flight of Falcon 9 rocket.Success
2 8 Dec 2010 CCAFS SLC-40 1.0DragonCOTS-1, First flight of Dragon Capsule.Success
3 22 May 2012 CCAFS SLC-40 1.0DragonCOTS-2+, First Dragon berthing with ISS.Success
4 7 Oct 2012 CCAFS SLC-40 1.0DragonCRS-1, Resupply of ISS.Success
5 1 Mar 2013 CCAFS SLC-40 1.0DragonCRS-2, Resupply of ISS.Success
6 29 Sep 2013 VAFB SLC-4E 1.1CASSIOPEFirst flight of version 1.1 rocket.Success
7 3 Dec 2013 CCAFS SLC-40 1.1SES-8First GTO mission for SpaceX.Success
8 6 Jan 2014 CCAFS SLC-40 1.1Thaicom-6GTO mission.Success
9 18 Apr 2014 CCAFS SLC-40 1.1DragonCRS-3, Resupply of ISS.Success
10 14 Jul 2014 CCAFS SLC-40 1.1OG2 (6)Launch of six ORBCOMM communication
satellites to LEO.
11 5 Aug 2014 CCAFS SLC-40 1.1AsiaSat 8GTO mission.Success
12 7 Sep 2014 CCAFS SLC-40 1.1AsiaSat 6GTO mission.Success

Visit the SpaceX website for more information about Falcon rockets.

Japanese Epsilon rocket illustration
Epsilon rocket stages.
Epsilon Rocket Stages


The Japanese Epsilon rocket was developed as a lower cost launcher for small payloads. The rocket is comprised of three solid-fueled stages and an optional liquid fueled fourth stage. The first Epsilon rocket was launched on 14 September 2013 JST. The launch occurred at the Uchinouora Space Center and placed the SPRINT-A spacecraft into Earth orbit.

More information about Epsilon rockets can be found at the JAXA website.

LADEE spacecraft illustration. Minotaur 5 rocket illustration.


NASA's LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) spacecraft was designed to study the Moon's atmosphere.

The propulsion system consists of a 455N orbit control thruster, and four 22N attitude control thrusters.

The spacecraft was launched on a Minotaur V solid fueled rocket (right). The launch took place on 6 September 2013 from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

LADEE Spacecraft Scientific Instruments

Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration (LLCD)
Ultraviolet and Visible Light Spectrometer (UVS)
Neutral Mass Spectrometer (NMS)
Lunar Dust Experiment (LDEX)

For detailed information, visit NASA's LADEE website.

MAVEN spacecraft illustration. Atlas V 400 Rocket illustration


NASA's MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN) spacecraft was designed to study the atmosphere of Mars. The spacecraft has eight scientific instruments and is capable of relaying data between surface rovers and Earth.

MAVEN Spacecraft Scientific Instruments

Solar Energetic Particles (SEP)
Solar Wind Ion Analyzer (SWIA)
Solar Wind Electron Analyzer (SWEA)
SupraThermal and Thermal Ion Composition (STATIC)
Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS)
Langmuir Probe and Waves (LPW)
Magnetometer (MAG)
Neutral Gas and Ion Mass Spectrometer (NGIMS)

MAVEN was launched on 18 November 2013 from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The launch vehicle was an Atlas V rocket. The spacecraft is planned to enter Mars orbit in September 2014.

For detailed information, visit NASA's MAVEN website.

Updated 9 September 2014

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