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Space Graphics

This page includes many of the illustrations featured throughout the website. Most of these illustrations were created using CorelDraw.

Space Probes

Discovery program spacecraft comparison chart
Diagram showing spacecraft from the Discovery program.
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Space telescope comparison chart
Diagram showing several space telescopes.
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Outer planets exploration probe comparison chart
Comparison of outer planets exploration spacecraft.
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Lunar exploration spacecraft comparison chart
Comparison of lunar exploration spacecraft.
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Comparison of Mariner probes
Comparison of Mariner spacecraft.
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Mars probe comparison chart
Comparison of several Mars probes.
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Mars probe comparison chart
Comparison of Pioneer probes.
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Venus probes comparison chart
Comparison of several Venus probes.
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Planetary rovers comparison chart
Comparison of several rovers used on the Moon and Mars.
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Space Probes

Space probe diagrams using a series of renders I created in the 1990's using TurboCad.

Luna 16 Lunar Probe Lunokhod 2 Lunar Rover Luna 3 Lunar Probe Luna 9 Lunar Probe

Space Stations

Mir Space Station Illustration
Mir Space Station.
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Space station comparison chart
Size comparison of ISS and other space stations.
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International Space Station Illustration
International Space Station.
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Space Station Visiting Vehicles
Visiting Vehicles at the ISS.
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Comparison of several ISS supply vehicles.
Comparison of ISS Crew and Cargo Vehicles
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Upper Stages

Agena-A upper stage. Agena-B upper stage. Agena-D upper stage. Centaur D-1 upper stage. Centaur G upper stage. Centaur G-Prime upper stage. Centaur T upper stage for Titan IV. Centaur D2 upper stage. Centaur D3 SEC upper stage. Saturn S-IV upper stage. Saturn S-IVB upper stage. IUS upper stage. Titan Transtage upper stage. Delta 2 Second stage. Delta IV Second stage. Delta 4 Second stage. Block DM upper stage. Fregat upper stage. Briz-M upper stage. Briz-KM upper stage. EPS upper stage. ESC-A upper stage. ESC-B upper stage. TE-M-364 Solid Rocket Motor. PAM-D upper stage. Falcon 9 upper stage. Astronalut for scale.


First orbital launches.
First Orbital Launches
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Comparison of Minuteman, Peacekeeper, and Minotaur rockets.
Minuteman, Peacekeeper, and Minotaur Rockets
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Solid rocket motor comparison chart
Diagram showing 66 solid rocket motors.
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Illustration of Titan rockets.
Titan Rockets
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Illustration of SpaceX Falcon rockets.
SpaceX Falcon Rockets
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Illustration of Chinese rockets.
Chinese Rockets
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Illustration of Japanese rockets.
Japanese Rockets
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Illustration of Saturn rockets.
Saturn Rockets
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Rockets that have Launched Humans into Orbit
Rockets that have Launched Humans into Orbit
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Illustration of Saturn I rockets.
Saturn I Rockets
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Illustration of space shuttle and Buran.
Shuttle Comparison with Buran
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Falcon 9 First Stage Landing Tests.
SpaceX First Stage Recovery Tests
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Illustration of Lunar rockets.
Moon Rockets
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Individual Rocket Illustrations

Atlas Rockets

Atlas-A missile illustration Atlas-B missile illustration Atlas-B Score illustration Atlas-D ICBM illustration Atlas-Able missile illustration Atlas-Agena illustration Atlas-F ICBM illustration Atlas Mercury illustration Atlas-H illustration Atlas-LV-3C Centaur illustration Atlas-SLV-3C illustration Atlas I Centaur Rocket illustration Atlas II Centaur Rocket illustration Atlas IIAS Centaur Rocket illustration Atlas III Centaur Rocket illustration Atlas V 400 Rocket illustration Atlas V 500 Rocket illustration 1.8 Meter Human Figure

Thor and Delta Rockets

Thor missile illustration Thor-Able Rocket illustration Thor-Agena Rocket illustration Delta-B Rocket illustration Delta-D Rocket illustration Delta-E Rocket illustration Delta-M Rocket illustration Delta-2914 Rocket illustration Delta-3920 Rocket illustration Delta-7326 Rocket illustration Delta-7925 Rocket illustration Delta-7426 Rocket illustration Delta-7920H Rocket Delta-7920H-10 Rocket Delta-7925 Rocket illustration Delta-7925-8 Rocket illustration Delta-7925-10L Rocket illustration Delta-7925H Rocket illustration Delta-3 Rocket illustration Delta-4M Rocket illustration Delta-4 medium plus rocket illustration Delta-4 Heavy Rocket illustration 1.8 Meter Human Figure

Titan Rockets

Titan 1 missile illustration Titan 2 missile illustration Gemini Titan rocket illustration Titan 3A rocket illustration Titan 3C rocket illustration Titan 3B rocket illustration Titan 3C MOL illustration Titan 3B Ascent Agena rocket illustration Titan 3E rocket illustration Titan 34D rocket illustration Commercial Titan III Titan 23G illustration Titan 4A missile illustration Titan 4B missile illustration 1.8 Meter Human Figure

Miscellaneous American Rockets

Vanguard rocket illustration. Scout rocket illustration. Redstone ballistic missile illustration Jupiter-C rocket illustration Mercury Redstone rocket illustration Thor missile illustration Juno II Rocket illustration 1.8 Meter Human Figure Pegasus-XL rocket illustration. Taurus rocket illustration. Minotaur I rocket illustration. Minotaur II target booster illustration. Minotaur III rocket illustration. Minotaur IV rocket illustration. Minotaur 5 rocket illustration. Antares rocket illustration. Athena I rocket illustration. Athena II rocket illustration. 1.8 Meter Human Figure

SpaceX Rockets

Falcon 1 illustration Falcon 9 illustration Falcon 9 version 1.1 illustration Falcon 9 1.1 with Dragon illustration Falcon 9 FT with payload fairing Falcon 9 FT with Dragon illustration Falcon 9 Block 5 with payload fairing Falcon 9 Block 5 with Crew Dragon spacecraft Falcon Heavy illustration 1.8 Meter Human Figure Falcon 9 Grasshopper test vehicle Falcon 9R test vehicle Recovered Falcon 9 FT artwork 1.8 Meter Human Figure

Saturn I, Saturn IB and Saturn 5 Rockets

Saturn 1 Block 1 rocket illustration Saturn SA-4 rocket illustration Saturn SA-5 rocket illustration Saturn SA-6 rocket illustration Saturn SA-9 rocket illustration Saturn IB rocket illustration Saturn SA-202 rocket illustration Saturn SA-203 rocket illustration Saturn SA-204 rocket illustration Saturn SA-205 rocket illustration Saturn SA-206 rocket illustration Saturn 5 Rocket Saturn 5 with Skylab 1.8 Meter Human Figure

Russian and Soviet Rockets

Soviet R-7 missile illustration Sputnik rocket illustration Luna rocket illustration Vostok rocket illustration Molniya rocket illustration Voskhod.jpg rocket illustration Soyuz rocket illustration Progress rocket illustration Soyuz-Fregat rocket illustration Proton-UR500 rocket illustration Proton-Zvezda rocket illustration Proton-Zond rocket illustration Proton-K rocket illustration Soviet N1 rocket illustration Zenit-2 rocket illustration Zenit-3SL rocket illustration Soviet Energia rocket with Polyus station. Soviet Buran rocket illustration UR-100N rocket illustration Eurockot rocket illustration SS-20 Missile illustration SS-25 Missile illustration Start-1 rocket illustration Start rocket illustration 1.8 Meter Human Figure

European Rockets

French Diamant-A rocket illustration French Diamant-B rocket illustration French Diamant-B P4 rocket illustration British Black Arrow rocket illustration British Blue Streak rocket drawing. Europa rocket illustration Ariane 1 rocket illustration Ariane 2 rocket illustration Ariane 3 rocket illustration Ariane 40 rocket illustration Ariane 44P rocket illustration Ariane 44LP rocket illustration Ariane 44L rocket illustration Ariane 5 rocket illustration Ariane 5 rocket illustration Vega rocket illustration Soyuz-Fregat rocket illustration 1.8 Meter Human Figure

Japanese Rockets

Japanese L-4S rocket illustration Japanese M-3-SII rocket illustration Japanese M-V-7 rocket illustration Japanese N-1 rocket illustration Japanese N-2 rocket illustration Japanese H-1 rocket illustration Japanese H-2 rocket illustration Japanese H2A-202 rocket illustration Japanese H2A 2022 Rocket illustration Japanese H2B rocket illustration 1.8 Meter Human Figure

Chinese Rockets

Chinese CZ-1 rocket illustration Chinese CZ-2C rocket illustration Chinese CZ-2D rocket illustration Chinese CZ-2E rocket illustration Chinese CZ-2F rocket illustration Chinese CZ-2F/G rocket illustration Chinese Long March 3 rocket illustration Chinese CZ-3A rocket illustration Chinese CZ-3B rocket illustration Chinese CZ-3C rocket illustration Chinese CZ-4B rocket illustration Chinese CZ-5 rocket illustration Chinese CZ-6 rocket illustration Chinese CZ-7 rocket illustration 1.8 Meter Human Figure

Indian Rockets

Indian SLV-3 rocket illustration Indian ASLV rocket illustration Indian PSLV rocket illustration Indian PSLV-CA rocket illustration Indian PSLV-XL rocket illustration Indian GSLV rocket illustration Indian LVM3 rocket illustration 1.8 Meter Human Figure

Other Nations Rockets (Israeli, Iranian, North Korean, South Korean)

Israeli Shavit rocket illustration. Iranian Safir rocket illustration. North Korean Unha rocket illustration. South Korean KSLV-1 rocket illustration. 1.8 Meter Human Figure

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