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Shavit Rocket

Israeli Shavit rocket illustration.

Shavit is an Israeli satellite launcher based on the Jericho II missile. The first Shavit mission, launched in 1988, successfully placed the Ofeq 1 satellite into orbit.

Shavit rocket stages.
Shavit Stages
Shavit rocket stages.
Shavit-1 Stages
Shavit rocket stages.
Shavit-2 Stages

Safir Rocket

Iranian Safir rocket illustration.

A Safir rocket placed the first Iranian satellite into orbit in 2009.

Unha Rocket

North Korean Unha rocket illustration.

The North Korean Unha rocket successfully placed a payload into orbit in 2012.

KSLV-1 Rocket

South Korean KSLV-1 rocket illustration.

The South Korean Unha rocket successfully placed a payload into orbit in 2013.

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