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ISS Visiting Vehicle Graphics

Comparison of several ISS supply vehicles.
Comparison of ISS Crew and Cargo Vehicles
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Space Station Visiting Vehicles
Visiting Vehicles at the ISS on 10 April 2016.
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I have added two new graphics. One showing the current configuration of visiting vehicles at the International Space Station, and another that shows ISS crew and cargo vehicles.

Posted 10 April 2016

New Content Added

I have added several photos of the Apollo 7 capsule contributed by Greg Fieser. I've also added entries for the Indian LVM3 rocket, and the Russian Angara family of rockets.

Apollo 7 Capsule Photos

Apollo 7 was launched on October 11, 1968. The crew included Walter Schirra, Donn Eisele, and Walter Cunningham. The spacecraft is currently on display at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, Texas. (Photos: Greg Fieser, 2012)

Apollo 7 Capsule. Apollo 7 Capsule side view. Apollo 7 Capsule side view. Apollo 7 interior. Apollo 7 hatch detail.


The LVM3, currently under development by ISRO, will be capable of placing heavy payloads into geo-synchronous orbit. The rocket is designed to include a cryogenic upper stage.

Indian LVM3 rocket illustration


LVM3-X/CARE was launched on December 18, 2014. The mission tested the first stage and boosters for the LVM3 rocket. The mission did not include an active upper stage and flew a suborbital trajectory.

The mission included an experimental space capsule known as CARE (Crew module Atmospheric Reentry Experiment). The capsule successfully completed it's mission and was recovered in the Indian Ocean.

For more information, visit ISRO's LVM3 website.


Angara is a family of Russian rockets in development since the 1990's. The rockets are designed around modular components that allow a variety of configurations of varying capability.

URM-1 (Universal Rocket Module 1)

The first stage is comprised of one or more modules clustered together. The modules, known as URM-1, are each powered by an RD-191 rocket engine. The RD-191 is a single-chambered engine that uses kerosene and liquid oxygen as propellent.

Successful test missions have flown with configurations using one and five URM-1 modules. Other configurations, with three or seven modules, have been proposed.

URM-2 (Universal Rocket Module 2)

The URM-2 stage is powered by an RD-0124A engine. The RD-0124A is a four chambered engine that uses kerosene and liquid oxygen as propellent.

Upper Stages

The Briz-M upper stage is used with some configurations, and a new cryogenic upper stage is under development.

Eurockot rocket illustration

Angara 1.2PP

A successful suborbital test flight of the Angara 1.22PP was flown in July, 2014. The rocket included a single URM-1 booster and a URM-2 second stage.

Angara 5 rocket illustration

Angara 5

Angara 5 conducted its first flight in December, 2013. The successful mission placed a payload simulator into geostationary orbit.

The Angara 5 included five URM-1 modules, a URM-2 stage, and a Briz-M upper stage.

Updated 31 March 2015

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