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Mars Colonization Designs

With the increasing interest in the colonization of Mars, I thought it would be cool to create a series of designs for future Mars colonists. While scientists, engineers and pilots may form the initial Mars explorers, a growing colony will eventually need many other professions. Click on the image below to see versions of these designs available for over 30 occupations.

Mars Command gift designs.

Available on Apparel, Mugs, and Other Great Products

Great gift ideas for those who wish they were practicing their trade or profession in a more interesting place!

Mars Command designs on shirts.

Spaceflight Posters

135 space shuttle missions poster.
Space Station Visiting Vehicle Illustration
Detail of Space Shuttle print.

Space Shuttle Missions Print

With the recent conclusion of the space shuttle program, I thought I would create a graphic representing all 135 launches.

Seeing a graphic like this really conveys the scope of the space shuttle program. Despite its problems, the shuttle was a superbly capable low Earth orbit spacecraft. The shuttle, able to transport some of the largest payloads while supporting a crew on missions lasting several weeks, served as the backbone of Americas human spaceflight effort for 30 years.

This illustration has graphics representing all 135 shuttle missions. The flight designation is given for each mission. Included are the words "135 Space Shuttle Launches" and "1981-2011".

The artwork is available in several formats, including a framed print and a 23" x 35" poster.

United States manned space missions poster.
Orbital Missions Detail
Detail of orbital missions print.

U.S. Crewed Orbital Missions Print

This design features graphics of all American orbital manned launches flown between 1962 and 2011. Included are 4 Mercury, 10 Gemini, 15 Apollo, and 135 space shuttle missions.

Included are the words "The First 50 Years of American Orbital Launches".

The artwork is available in several formats, including two sizes of framed prints and as a 23" x 35" poster. The prints can be purchased at the Historic Spacecraft Store.

Proceeds from the sale of these prints helps pay for bandwidth and content development at Historic Spacecraft.

Titan rockets framed print for sale.

Titan Rocket Poster

I've had many requests over the years to make more of my artwork available for purchase in poster format. I recently added a Titan rockets poster to the Historic Spacecraft Store at CafePress. The poster includes 15 Titan missiles and space launchers and is available in three styles, a poster, a framed print, and a banner.

Many Designs to Choose From

Proceeds from the sale of these products help support HistoricSpacecraft.com.

Space Shuttle Mugs

Space Shuttle Mugs. Space shuttle mug Space shuttle mug Space shuttle mug Space shuttle mug

Space Station Mugs

Space Station Mugs. Space station mug Space station mug Space station mug Space station mug Skylab mug Skylab mug Space station mug Space station mug

Project Apollo Mugs

Project Apollo Mugs. Lunar lander mug Lunar rover mug Apollo CM mug Apollo LRV mug

Space Probe Mugs

Space Probe Mugs. Viking lander mug Space telescopes mug Pioneer mug Pioneer mug Space telescope mug x-ray telescope mug voyager space probe mug Viking mug

Future Space Activities Mugs

The following designs do not reflect current or past space activities, rather, they represent future endeavors. The future many of us want to see. A future with an industrialized and colonized solar system. A future where humanity is harvesting solar system resources and expanding into the universe. A future where space travel is routine, were students can attend universities on the Moon or Mars, a future where lunar mining and engineering is taking place on a grand scale.

Future Space Activities Mugs. Lunar university mug Falcon university mug Lunar engineering mug Space mug

More Than Just Mugs

The designs featured on this page are also available on an array of apparel products, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball jerseys, hoodies, golf shirts and aprons. Clothing is available in both men's and women's sizes.

Space exploration t-shirts.

Space Shuttle T-Shirts & Gifts

A variety of space t-shirts and gifts, including Space Shuttle designs. Great gift ideas for anyone interested in space exploration.

Space Shuttle t-shirts and gifts

Find dozens of space themed gifts at the Historic Spacecraft Store.